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We can tune up or repair your computer remotely by controling your mouse using desktop sharing.
We can diagnose & fix the problems you are having.

24Hour Online Computer Repair Hotline.
Get your computer issues fixed remotely 24hrs by calling us.
CALL NOW !!! 1 778 786 3025 USAUnited States & CANADACanada
Remote Computer Repair Testimonials

We accept Mastercard, Visa, or Interac e-Transfer.Mastercard & VisaInterac e-Transfer
Please have your Mastercard or Visa ready before calling.


We have been fixing computers worldwide remotely via desktop sharing for over 10 years.
No need to take your computer to a shop anymore!!!

Save yourself time, hassle, headaches, and money by simply getting us to remotely repair your pc!
Don't risk disconnecting & reconnecting your PC wires and having to cart it to a shop to sit for several days. No downtime is very important.

Does your PC or Laptop run slow or crash often?
Do you think you have a virus, trojan, or spyware?
We can help without you taking your PC to a shop.

Some of the online remote computer repair services we provide include:

- Hardware Issues / Driver/ Errors/ etc.- Tracing Malicious Hacker Attempts
- Tweeks / Performance Tune Ups- New Hardware Assistance on Setup
- Computer Runs Slow Often Crashing / Hanging- Software Diagnostics
- Updating Your Computer / Regular Maintenance- Hardware Diagnostics
- Checking your PC for Viruses / Trojans / Backdoors/ Malware- Help you backup files
- Benchmarking your PC / Check Performance- 24hr Technical Support For Your PC
If you prefer an estimate feel free to Contact Us Online

Computer Help & Support Numbers For AmericansUnited States and CanadiansCanada
24 Hour PC Help Support Hotline 778-786-3025
We look forward to servicing your computer.
Its easy as 123! Just phone us without the need to take it to a computer shop!
Did your 24hr technical support for your brand name computer come to an end?
Do you get frustrated, and upset because you have noone to help when your computers is glitched?
Do you prefer your computer to be fixed remotely, without your computer leaving your house or business location?
Do you prefer very little downtime, having your computer fixed as soon as possible?
Do you worry about hackers and viruses, and want professional advice on a regular basis?
Do you wish you had technical support 24 hours for your computer?
Does personal security or online business security mean alot to you? It should.
We Have Solutions For You! Simply call us right now!
Our technicians are highly trained with computer repairs, both hardware and software. We connect to your computer remotely and securely using desktop sharing, and our technicians can then diagnose the problem(s) you are experiencing. You should have high speed internet service for remote diagnostics and repairs to work better. Basic telephone support can be handled without high-speed internet. Some jobs may require the computer be brought to our facility for hardware upgrades or repairs, or to a repair shop near you, or parts may be needed. We specialize in Device Driver problems, Optimizing the System, System Crashes, Optimizing Internet Speed, Viruses, Trojans, Security, much much more!!! Special Rates for Companies Wanting Our Service.
If you would like to know more about our company, Click Here.

To begin the process to repair your computer, simply pick up the phone and give us a call 778 786 3025.
We can return the call so you do not have to pay long distance, our number is a Vancouver, BC Canada number.

Canadian Web Solutions Technical Support Department is Available 24Hrs , 7 Days a Week.
Serving Customers and Repairing Computers Worldwide, We Look Forward to Serving You!



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